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Exploring the C.C. Liu Collection on New Music in China at the University of Hong Kong Libraries  

Born in Shanghai in 1935, Liu Ching-chih 劉靖之 is the best-known musicologist, prolific music critic, and renowned translation scholar in Hong Kong. He donated his personal music collection to the Libraries, including over 5,000 items of manuscripts, books, and scores. The exhibition displayed how the donated manuscripts and research materials offer a treasure house for tracing Hong Kong’s cultural heritage and the cross-border academic exchanges that occurred in the 20th century.



Venue: Exhibition Area, Ingenium, 2/F, Main Library, HKU 

Date: April 20 – May 13, 2022  (the exhibition ended)

To re-visit the exhibition, please go to



C.C. Liu often used 原稿紙, squared grid papers, for writing his manuscripts. The design of this project pays tribute to him.  

The project is supported by the HKU Knowledge Exchange Fund granted by the University Grants Committee. 


For the project: please visit here at 


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