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Engaging the Past,

The Libraries take great pride in joining the 111th year celebrations with the University with its 110th Main Library anniversary and the Fung Ping Shan Library’s 90th, Engaging the Past, with the Future, for the Future, TOGETHER.  This website serves to highlight the major events and activities that we have planned for 2022 – 2023. 

In addition to providing information about these celebrations, I hope you take the time to browse the website to learn about the Libraries’ 110 years of achievements, to view some of our historical photos and to take advantage of opportunities to participate. Also take the opportunity to share your fondest memories about the libraries by starting here.

As we take the time to celebrate these achievements it is also important that we take time to consider our future. What will the next 110 years bring for the Libraries? I encourage you to help us to chart a course that will guarantee our success for the future.

Flora Ng,  Chief Information Officer & University Librarian

What's On

Upcoming Events

Join our events and celebrate with us!

Image by Patrick Perkins
Image by Martin Sanchez

Virtual Exhibitions

Join our virtual events and learn more about our Libraries.

Precious Memories

Share your precious memories in the Libraries with us.



Support the Libraries for our future development.
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