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Share your favorite memories 

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Hong Kong University Libraries in 2022, we are now inviting all staff and students - both present and past - to share your reminiscences of days spent in the library.


All these memories gathered will then be crowd-sourced into a publication at a later day by the library.


You can contribute a paragraph of your favorite library reflections - with or without pictures and in either English or Chinese with the following information:

  1. Name

  2. Years of study/work in HKU (e.g: BA 1996; student helper 1992-1993 etc.)

  3. Your memories

  4. Photos/Images (most welcome)

To start sharing, click the "Share your memory" button below, then double-tap or click the add (+) button at the bottom right of the padlet screen. You may refer to this page for more details.

*By clicking the button, you are giving HKU Libraries your consent to publish your submissions in the future.

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